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Fall and Winter Take the Cake for Weight Gain

As the leaves change color and the temperatures dip, the flavors of the seasons change and so do our indulgences of cooler weather comfort food. It is no surprise that fall and Winter “take the cake” as the fattest time of year. According to a number of surveys, people gain at least 5-7 lbs. during the fall (starting in Sept) and roll into the December holidays as the fattest month of the year. All it takes is an extra 100 calories per day to pack on 10 pounds a year and what’s worse, is that studies show we are not loosing these extra pounds as each year passes.

The best strategy for your health is to avoid the weight gain altogether, by enjoying healthy, light, fall foods, limit heavy “comfort” foods and keep active. Those healthy bodies we worked so hard to achieve and sustain through out the Summer are now beginning to hide behind larger shirts, Autumn sweaters, and taller boots. Continue Reading

Staying Motivated and Moving forward

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Henry Ford

jumpThe lazy days of Summer are over, the kids are back at school, the momentum at work has shifted, the sun is starting to rise a bit later, set a bit earlier and we may just be starting to feel our individual motivation stagger.

We look to fall as a time of planning, reflection and preparation in our life, family, goals, fitness, health and nutrition. Continue Reading

Managing your Food, Energy and Appetite all Summer Long

“One of the major keys to overcoming  Mindless eating is AWARENESS.”

Welcome to the Whole Body Beautiful Summer News letter. It is good to be back and connecting with you all at a time when spirits are lifted, Summer is coming, and a lightness is in the air, and hopefully within your body. As much as we all want to feel the energy of Summer, its fantastic foods, the relaxed attitude, for some it can be challenging. This Newsletter is about just that. Becoming aware of just what are bodies truly need and recognizing, educating, and creating that intent. Continue Reading


"If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.”
― Deepak Chopra

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"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition"
Thomas Edison