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Detoxing Each and Every Day

“Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. Now is the time to feel clean, light, and energetic. Daily Detoxing is the new green!

“Detox” in the world of health is usually thought of as a fad or a crazy diet that means juices, flushes, herbs and fasts, but learning to incorporate whole foods to support your bodies ability to cleanse on a daily basis is the way to sustain your health inside and out. We need to support our bodies super powers with foods that help cleanse and keep it functioning at an optimal level, without going to extremes, flipping the panic switch, or taking a nutritional nose dive.

Our bodies are amazing. They have filtering mechanisms that have the ability to switch on when needed. Many of our organs are equipped with these powers and with some nutritional support and stability these powers get stronger.

These days our bodies are put under a lot of toxic stress. Pollution, herbicides, plastics, cosmetics, synthetics and so on, force our bodies to work overtime and put a toxic overload on our cells, organs and other body functions . The longer the exposure, the more the damage. But with a healthy daily detox-eating regime, you will help the body with detoxifying, eliminating pollutants, and prevent those nasty toxins accumulating.

Rachel Meltzer Warren, MS, RDN has shed some light on what may be the most detoxifying whole foods and how they work:


Liver Supporters: watercress, brussels sprouts, kale, bok choy ,broccoli, cauliflower, onions, leeks, garlic

Increase cellular response and sensitivity of enzymes in the liver.

The liver acts as a filter of waste products and moves harmful products from the blood after it has passed through the stomach and intestines and gets rid of harmful compounds  by moving them away in bile. It is our job to help this filtration  process work and run smoothly.


Hydrators: water, herbal teas, fluid rich produce such as cucumbers, watermelon,lettuce, celery etc.

Our bodies are largely made up of water. Fluid allows help our kidneys to remove any waste products from the blood, send the important minerals back into our bloodstream and flush any leftover through our urine.


The Metal Detectors: turmeric, seaweed, cilantro,onions,garlic.

Our environment unfortunately is contaminated with heaven metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic. These metals can increase our risk and are known to cause organ damage as well as cancer. Eating some of these foods and spices can help us prevent the build up within our bodies. Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, has the ability to bind with  heavy metal compounds therefore helping remove them from the body. Seaweed (the Alginates) has the ability to stick to heavy metals as well as bind to the radioactive strontium (a cancer causing compound ) and directs it out of the body through our normal  elimination process.

(Make sure to buy high quality seaweed)


Colon cleaners: raspberries, apples, oatmeal, fibrous vegetables, artichokes, brown rice.

Fiber helps move along those toxic substances that tend to build up in the colon. Constipation is our first clue that your body isn’t detoxifying. By getting plenty of fiber and water,(which is drawn to soluble fiber) this will support a healthy gut flora which will keep you regular, decrease inflammation and help with your immune system, because as we know, 70% of your immune system stems from your gut!


PH balance foods: vegetables, citrus fruits

While the stomach is highly acidic, the outside layer is quite alkaline so not to damage the mucosa. Lots of enzymes that are PH dependent help with this detoxification process. They are fueled with lots of leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. Processed carbohydrate foods, sugar, over abundance of meats, throw off the this delicate acid/ alkaline/ mineral balance.  If your body senses there isn’t enough of what it needs (ie: minerals) it finds another source…. like our bones. So eat those green leafy veg!


Inflammation fighters: salmon, sardines, halibut, walnuts, hemp oil, flaxseeds

Foods high in omega 3’s and fatty acids help keep our systematic inflammation at a low.

Foods that are high in carbs, sugar, and processed meats (omega 6’s) create oxidative stress to our bodies, which creates free radicals ( cell damaging).This underlying chronic inflammation is what is the cause for many diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer.

Fish contain the most effective form of Omega 3’s, the plant forms (walnuts, flax)  are a more powerful form but because of the smaller amounts convert at a slower rate.

Maintaining good health is an everyday approach, and realizing what you choose to eat influences your daily detoxing capabilities. To live optimally is to live a detox daily life and to incorporate as much as possible these whole, cleansing, detox superstar foods! Let’s get your natural detoxification system working!

To your good health,
Lisa Fallon Mindel



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