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Finding your balance with the change of seasons

Seasons change and so does our food, bodies, emotions and energy. Time to find a balance no matter what season you are in. With better choices of food, understanding the fuel your body needs, and balancing out your emotions, you will start to thrive no matter what season. Read on and see how you can make that seasonal shift healthy and happy.

As Seasons are changing and the temperatures are warming up soon, small buds on the trees are beginning to show, flowers are thinking of blooming, and for many of us we are starting to feel a shift. It may feel exhilarating or it may feel as if we are in flux, not yet arrived at our destination. Sometimes finding that balance when change happens takes time, it is not always comfortable but by understanding that our bodies and Moods change with the seasons, we are then one step closer in helping ourselves become in balance.


Winter is colder and darker than the other seasons and has us slowing down (or trying to), becoming introspective, conserving strength, reflecting, and replenishing our energy. Our choices of foods may differ from the other seasons. We may choose at this time to eat warming foods, foods that keep our insides regulated to the cold temperatures outside. This may include soups, root vegetables (yams, carrots, beets, potato, taro, ginger turnips) mushrooms, garlic, leeks, onions, whole grains, lean organic meats, fish, eggs, broths, beans, also Fruits and nuts such as; apples, pomegranates, grapefruits, kumquats, grapes, pears, clementine’s, cranberries etc.

Spring is the start of renewal and rebirth. It starts to breath some life into Mother Nature and also within ourselves.

After a long winter it is time to shift into another wonderful gear. It is time to shed that winter weight, mentally as well as physically. Its time to lighten up! Spring show us how to step into this season with vitality, harmony, radiance and a new appreciation for some lighter energy.

Food wise, spring is the time of cleansing. You may want to eat lighter and cleaner foods, foods and drinks that detoxify. Start to use methods of faster and lighter cooking (put the slow cookers and crock pots away). Start eating those salads, steamers and woks. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables rather than canned, dried, or packaged that you may have had a bit too much of over the winter. Try some fresh juices (easy on the fruit), put away the sauces, crèmes, and heavy oils. Time to eat a bit cooler, lighter, leaner and see put that spring back into your step!

Summer is when our energy thrives! It is when the earth is directly tilted into the sun. And as we all know, the sun is the source of energy for all living things. I tell everybody “you are what you eat” and you are taking in pure energy, as well as the many health benefits when you are eating all those leafy greens that grow up to the sun. This is our high energy season, it is hotter, we are more active and we want to eat lighter and leaner. Usually it is a time when are emotions are lighter as well. Less heaviness and darkness lead to an airiness all around. Food and dining tends to be more relaxed this season. BBQ’s, outdoor dining, quick, light and easy meals mean less time in the kitchen and hopefully more easy quick fresh food.

Gazpachos, salads with beans, corn, or quinoa, fresh fish, BBQ tofu or your favorite veggies, sparkling water with fresh fruit added. The cleaner the better, because this season demands your energy as well as some hydration.

Fall – This season was known as the “Harvest”. As industrialization took hold people moved into the cities, and left their farms behind, therefore changing this seasons name to Fall. It is at this time that many of us “ Fall” off our dietary regimes. Like the leaves fall off the trees, we start to loose the warmth, light, and energy of Summer and move into a chillier, slower pace, resetting our bodies and clocks to prepare for the Winter ahead. Sometimes we may feel a bit blue leaving the summer behind but we can look at this time as a time of gathering and elimination within our bodies and our lives. This is a time to assess what’s needed and also what is to discard.

Fall has us preparing for cooler times. So preparing our bodies to conserve energy is important. Eating colorful foods such as apples, pears, squash, pomegranates, Brussels sprouts, pumpkin, collards green beans, corn, sweet potatoes and figs. Proteins such as beans, lentils, organic lean meats and organic eggs will help many conserve and store some needed energy for the days and months ahead. Staying active and getting enough sleep is important to keep our proper balance.

The Changing of the seasons, the new seasonal foods and shifting of emotions are sometimes a challenge for many. But with a little knowledge, and willingness to shift with these changes you will not only help your body get more variety of foods, sustain the energy needed but you will also keep your moods and emotions, in check. By keeping the balance, you will be healthy happy, and thrive all year long.




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