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Radiance Begins on the Inside

Radiance – a glowing quality of the skin, especially as indicative of good health or youth.

Becoming radiant, inside and out is a sign of health and wellness on so many levels. I hope you enjoy this months newsletter on how you can achieve the radiance your body and skin deserve.

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Radiant Beauty Shining from Within

radienceGlowing, bright-eyed, energetic, luminous, radiant, these are some of the words that are defining beauty. Today there are crèmes, injections, lotions, pills, and make-up that promise to help us achieve our outermost radiance and combat the external forces like UV, pollution, stress, toxins and the rest, but what we must come to realize is that these remedies are temporary and help for only a short amount of time.

While most of our bodies require the basic health and beauty guidelines, we are all unique beings, requiring and responding to different food, environments, likes, and dislikes. Our goal is to help transform, nourish and fortify our body, skin and cells, from the inside out.

Foods that do damage to your health, organs, your natural weight, as well as skin, and hair, have been suppressing the beauty that your body ultimately wants to achieve. These beauty assassinators may taste great and feel good going down but after repeat usage, they are actually causing damage not only on the outside, but far worse, on the inside, at a cellular level.

Inflammation, diet distress, cravings, tiredness, dull, wrinkled, and dehydrated, just to name a few, are what keep us from feeling our best and embracing that healthy lasting glow.

As we know, there is no magic crème or pill that can help you achieve that beauty from within, but by making the right choices and limiting (or omitting) the foods and toxins that do the most damage, we then will begin to repairing, flourish, and thrive from the inside out.

Beauty Busters:


That sweet tooth you have today won’t leave you tomorrow. Sugar not only will lead you down the path of weight gain, headaches, bloating, and craving more (spiking that blood sugar) but will also cause inflammation, acidity, immune suppression, collagen breakdown, wrinkles, blemishes, and dehydration and worst of all, it’s highly addictive. Please don’t go to the artificial sweeteners, they are toxic and have been proven to cause many health related issues, even weight gain! Try some natural sweeteners (just a touch) like raw honey, black strap molasses, coconut sugar, or agave.


Many like to celebrate and raise a glass every now and then, but your healthful glow will not be toasting with you.
Empty calories and zero nutrition, as well as a good amount of sugar are in each glass. It also affects our liver (your purification system) and blood flow, which may causes redness, broken capillaries, dull skin, and well needed hydration.

Gluten/ Dairy:

Persistent skin problems, (acne, eczema ) blotchiness, digestive issues, are things to consider when choosing to eat Gluten (wheat) or dairy.
The hormones that are in non-organic dairy are enough they say to through off our hormone balance, which leads to skin and body imbalances. Even organic dairy products are said to be one of the most common food sensitivity’s in adults. Gluten as well can cause your glow to fade. Even if you don’t have Celiac disease (a simple blood test to diagnose) you may still have a gluten sensitivity such as digestive issues, weight gain, skin irritations, inflammation etc. which all lead to our bodies working overtime and using our well needed beautifying nutrients.

Fake Foods:

You are what you eat, and your skin is in total agreement. Any product that is able to be on the shelves for weeks, months or years is hardly a food that will bring you any kind of energy, radiance, or vitality. “Food like” products are abundant so don’t be tempted to grab fast food on the go ( chips, candy, frozen foods, “granola” bars, baked goods, cereals, etc) These foods will only bring about aging, inflammation, spike your blood sugar, and wreak havoc with your hormones. Pick foods that energized, boost, and repair. Fresh, whole and live foods will bring you and your skin in balance.

Many people today are consuming a lot of meat or meat products. Eating conventional meat (red, chicken, pork, fish) a few times a week or even at every meal is not a diet that neither your skin nor your body will thrive on. Supermarket meats are raised with hormones and are high in Omega 6’s (not the good ones) and lacking In your Omega 3’s, the healthy fats.
Maybe try a different approach to your protein intake like quinoa, lentils, beans, or tempeh. If you eat animal products you may want to try Wild Salmon (low in mercury, high in Omega 3’s) or some organic free range eggs. You will become less inflamed, detoxify, and your skin will start to show the effects of a healthier you.

Beauty Boosters:

Olive oil/ Good fats:

A small amount (1-2 Tbsp) of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a great beauty and healthy booster. EVOO is an anti-inflammatory, reduces your risk of heart disease, rich in Vit E (skin cell boost w/ vit C) and actually can help you trim that waistline. Other good fats such as avocado, coconut oil, walnuts, hemp and flax seeds, sardines and wild salmon are also good sources of healthy beauty boosting fats.

Chick peas, Lentils, Quinoa, and Millet:

Legumes, such as chickpeas and lentils are a great source of protein and fiber. Also rich in antioxidants, trace minerals, phytonutrients, folate, and zinc. They are one of my favorite go to foods for stabilizing low blood sugar and keeping the good carbs up (70% of your energy source).
Quinoa (the perfect protein) and Millet, are actually seeds and are full of amino acids, the bodies building blocks and rich in iron, zinc and magnesium, all the ingredients for a healthy body and beautiful skin.
These foods help build and repair and rejuvenate our cells and skin, help our hair and nails grow and are easy to prepare.

Soy/ Edamame:

This fiber filled protein has gotten a bad rap but it has proven time and time again when eaten in the right form (not fake or processed) to keep our skin smooth and wrinkle free. Soy helps preserve collagen that keeps our skin firm also helps to lower cholesterol, cut severity of hot flashes, and lessen prostate cancer in men by 30%.
Berry Beautiful: It’s no secret that berries are important for good health they help reduce cholesterol, prevent cancer, diabetes, and make our internal selves run better. They provide us with our Vitamin C, and also are full of phyto nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids, and many other boosting beauty nutrients.

All these components are also beneficial to our skin, keeping it in an anti-inflammatory mode, protected from the sun.

In good health,


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Comments: Radiance Begins on the Inside

    Georgina Hadrill
    Commented:  September 10, 2014 at 5:55 am

    Fantastic September Issue . Helpful advice for me as have weight issues.
    Found your link via Cindy Joseph.
    I live in London in the UK am well over 50 but am trying to keep as fit and healthy as possible .
    Thank you for the great Website.

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